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AI vs Original Drone Footage | Boston, Massachusetts

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Sunday August 27, 2023:

Experience the power of AI with TeBe Productions! 🚀 In our latest video, we're showcasing the transformative capabilities of AI, using it to modify original drone footage. We've chosen scenes from Cambridge, Boston, and Somerville, focusing on the scenic Charles and Mystic Rivers. 🌊 Watch as we compare the AI-enhanced footage (0:01) with the original (1:01) (link to full original below) - can you spot the differences? Don't miss the bonus scene towards the end! 🎁 Let us know in the comments how you think AI fared in this experiment. Discover & Enjoy!

AI-generated content has been with this channel since July 2023 as Shorts until now. Similar to this video, that short started with the comparison of New Orleans - as seen through the lens of a drone and the eye of AI (link below). As we navigate through this decade and beyond, we're excited to experiment with this cutting-edge technology and share our discoveries with you. Artificial Intelligence is here!


> 00:00 AI Generation

> 01:01 Original Footage

> 01:58 Bonus!

> 02:27 Subscribe & Discover!

▶ Full Original Footage:

AI Generator: Kaiber

Method: Video-to-Video

Drone: DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Movie Maker: Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate

Support TeBe Productions by:

👍 Liking, Commenting, and Subscribing!

🚁FAA Part 107 sUAS Certified


*Flying drone in the U.S. for recreational purposes (for fun): The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) is required by FAA before flying.

*Commercial purpose: FAA Part 107 required

**LAANC authorization is REQUIRED to fly in this area.

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Unknown member
Aug 27, 2023

Test out video-to-video transformations with AI.

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