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Welcome to TBI

 December 2023


     Welcome to now TeBe Inspires (TBI), previously TeBe Photographs, where you are inspired to imagine, explore, and capture the momentsThis site presents captivating images (or moments in the areas of nature, urban, aerial, and astrophotography) and aerial videos. The meaning behind TBI comes from the process (below) of acquiring an image. On this site, it is seen as originating from inspiration. What does one inspire to see, to do, and to learn? Every image is a captured moment in time to be seen for eternity. TBI aspires to share these moments with you. 


Moment = an image

Image = a frame (or specific point) in time and space


Imagine: Inspire to imagine

> See oneself going to this place.


Explore: Inspire to explore

> One is in such a place uncovering its wonders.


Capture: Inspire to capture - Capture the moment 

> One takes photographs of the place creating frames in time: souvenirs.

> What is the significance of that captured moment?

> Images are worth limitless words.


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