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New England Nantucket Transforms Into TROPICAL PARADISE

Sunday September 17, 2023:

Experience the power of AI with TeBe Productions! 🚀 Can a New England Island be transformed into a tropical one? Yes, with asking AI! In this video, we're presenting the transformative capabilities of AI (image-to-video), using it to transform an original drone image. The first two videos showcased AI's effect on footage of Boston and Nantucket (links below) via the video-to-video method. Now, AI takes a drone shot of Great Point Lighthouse (0:01) in Nantucket and generates that scene into a tropical paradise (0:05). 🌊 Watch this transformation over the course of 60 seconds. Let us know how you think AI fared in this experiment in the comments. Discover & Enjoy!

AI-generated content has been with this channel since July 2023 as Shorts until now. Similar to this video, that short started with the comparison of New Orleans - as seen through the lens of a drone and the eye of AI (link below). As we navigate through this decade and beyond, we're excited to experiment with this cutting-edge technology and share our discoveries with you. Artificial Intelligence is here!

⭐ATTENTION: Drone image of Great Point Lighthouse (0:01) is available for sale on canvas, metal print, pillow, and more at

▶ AI vs Original Boston:

▶ AI vs Original Nantucket:

▶ Full Original Nantucket:

▶ First AI Short:

AI Generator: Kaiber

Method: Image-to-Video

Drone: DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Movie Maker: Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate

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