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TeBe Store Updates

Wednesday July 1, 2020:

Now available at TeBe Store!

Happy summer 2020 from TeBe Store at TeBe Photographs. Over the past month, TeBe Store has transitioned to the former digital images section as this page now contains physical items. The former TeBe Store section is now the Art Store where canvas wraps, mugs, T-shirts, pillows, tote bags, and prints continue to be sold. TeBe Photographs has selected Printful, a print-on-demand dropshipping, to bring you more TBP custom design physical products.

As of this blog, current available items:

> Canvases

> Matted Paper Posters (framed or not)

> Luster Photo Paper Posters (framed or not)

> Stickers

Soon to be available:

> White Glossy Mugs (with designs)

> Ceramic Mugs with Color Inside (with designs)

In the works:

> T-shirts

> Long-sleeve shirts

> Hats

> And more...

Summer Deals!

TeBe Store: 10% off entire orders for purchases above $99

(enter promo code tbpsummer10 at checkout)

Art Store: 5% off entire orders from this section (the 10% does not apply here)

Note for shipping

All products ordered within TeBe Store, within the United States have free shipping. Certain products may have free shipping on orders made within Europe. (The Art Store has its separate amount for shopping cost for its items.)

Inspire to image, explore, and capture the moment

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