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TeBe Store Holidays 2019

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Black Friday November 29, 2019

Just some quick updates from TeBe Store! Over the course of this Fall season, TeBe Photographs has added filtered images and collages to its store, both for the physical and digital. Filtered images include black-and-white, sepia, and specific colors (red, orange, yellow, and green-only colored filters). Collages have been introduced focusing on the filtered images (mainly), selected scenes from places, and seasonal differences. (More on selected and seasonal to come in 2020 and beyond.) Samples of these are shown above. Additionally, since we are the holidays, there is a 12% sale off physical and 20% sale off digital orders. Both lasts for the remaining of 2019.

Check it out:

From the TeBe Store, enjoy the last few weeks of the year and in the case, the decade!

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The holidays are here!

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