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Photo of the Week: June 24th

Monday June 24, 2019:

Selected past Photo of the Week during first year of TeBe Photographs.

Happy Birthday to TeBe Photographs!

As TeBe Photographs turns one year this week, we reflect back on the past photos of the week issued during the first year. TeBe Photographs launched one year ago and photos of the week has been implemented to the site's main page in July 2018. Since then, you have seen a range of urban, nature, aerial, and even astronomic images. Below are the places and week of the photo from collage above.

Photos (left to right, row by row):

1 - Boston, MA - 7/23/18

2 - KIO Towers at Madrid, Spain - 8/6/18

3 - San Francisco, CA - 10/15/18

4 - Montreal, Canada - 10/22/18

5 - Beavertail State Park in Jamestown, RI - 6/3/19

6 - Sunset at Nantucket, MA - 12/24/18

7 - Super Blood Wolf Moon - 1/28/19

8 - Rosa rugosa in Nantucket, MA - 3/4/19

9 - 360-degree "planet mode" over Misery Islands - 5/20/19

May the second year present many more captured moments.

Check out past photos of the week:

Inspire to imagine, explore, and capture the moment.

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