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It's May from TeBe Goods

Monday May 1, 2023:

New releases: Rhododendron on coasters, metal prints, mouse pads, puzzles, and mugs. Jasmine Nightshade available on puzzles and more.

Welcome to May from TeBe Goods! The year seems to be flying by. April was a busy month for the addition of new products and this momentum will continue through the month of May. See items added over the past month below since the last TeBe Goods update. Find what you like and have a piece of Spring in your home or office throughout the year. Happy May!

New Products:

> Rhododendron Canvas I

> Rhododendron (with Wasp) Canvas I

> Jasmine Nightshade Canvas

> Rhododendron Metal Print I*

> Rhododendron (with Wasp) Metal Print I*

> Jasmine Nightshade Metal Print*

> Rhododendron Jigsaw Puzzle I*

> Rhododendron (with Wasp) Jigsaw Puzzle I*

> Jasmine Nightshade Jigsaw Puzzle*

> Rhododendron (with Wasp) Eco Tote Bag I (black)

> Rhododendron (with Wasp) Eco Tote Bag I (sand)

> Rhododendron (with Wasp) Mouse Pad I

> Rhododendron (with Wasp) Cork-back Coaster I

> Rhododendron (with Wasp) White Glossy Mug I (11oz, 15oz)

> Rhododendron (with Wasp) Mug with Color Inside I (11oz)

> Rhododendron (with Wasp) Black Glossy Mug I (11oz, 15oz)*

And more...

*Available in the U.S. ONLY. Please choose a different item if your shipping address is outside the U.S.

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