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Happy April from TeBe Goods

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Saturday April 1, 2023:

New releases: Sol I & II on coasters, mouse pads, and mugs. Rhododendron flowers available on mugs and coasters.

Welcome to April from TeBe Photographs! Spring is fully in the air. Wow, we've already completed the 1st quarter of 2023. Time for an exciting and transformative Quarter 2 for TeBe Photographs. A new month brings new products, this time adding to the mug, mouse pad, and new cork-back coaster collection (see below). In addition to new items, TeBe Goods now has its own Instagram feed (@tebe.goods) showcasing select products and updates from the store. This feed is an addition to @tebephotographs and @tebedrones. Check it out, link below. More items are to be added throughout the month. Stay tune for a special announcement coming soon...

New Products:

> Rhododendron (with Bee) White Glossy Mug I (11oz, 15oz)

> Rhododendron (with Bee) Mug with Color Inside I (11oz)

> Rhododendron (with Bee) Black Glossy Mug I (11oz, 15oz)

> Rhododendron (with Bee) Cork-back Coaster I

> Sol Black Glossy Mug I (11oz, 15oz)

> Sol Black Glossy Mug II (11oz, 15oz)

> Sol Cork-back Coaster I

> Sol Cork-back Coaster II

> Sol Mouse Pad I

> Sol Mouse Pad II

Instagram TeBe Goods at:

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