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TeBe Photographs Updates

Wednesday February 1, 2023:

Happy February! As 2023 is in full swing, here are updates taking place effective this February 1st:

  1. The Showcase section is now named Photographs.

  2. A new menu of destinations is available of places to uncover. Each destination is linked to the corresponding subsections under Photographs. Current areas include Boston, Nantucket, Rhode Island, Montréal, Guadeloupe, France, and Spain. More to come as TeBe Photographs continues to explore. 

  3. The Aerial section is removed, and now aerial photography is found under Photographs and in the menu above (first item).

  4. The Astrophotography subsection under Earth & Space is also removed and is found under Photographs and in the menu above (second item) as well. Now all photographs taken by TeBe Photographs are brought to one place.

  5. Select photos presented in Photographs that are available for purchase (digitally or on physical products) in the Album Store are now linked in the photo information to that specific image. Each subsection destination has a link to the corresponding album. Since the Aerial and Astro subsections are not destination-specific, Aerial is linked to the Aerial Store and Astro is not linked anywhere, for now.

  6. The Channel section is back to being named Videos.

Links below:

Stay tune for more exciting updates...

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