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Photo of the Week: March 4th

Monday March 4, 2019:

rosa rugosa
Rosa rugosa at Brant Point, Nantucket.

Now that March has arrived, spring is around the corner. This assumes that this is not one of those years where spring takes a while to begin. Those years, the looks of spring does not occur until April or even May in the central New England area. Anyways, looks or not, daylight is increasing with the vernal equinox (1st day of northern hemisphere spring) on March 20th. The flower in the above image (Rosa rugosa) is a type of rose native to eastern Asia, but kind grow elsewhere like on the shores of Nantucket, MA. It's a beach plant. This one in Nantucket blooms early June. The blooming days are coming.

Inspire to imagine, explore, and capture the moment.

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