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Photo of the Week: April 29th

Monday April 29, 2019:

mount teide
Blooming in front of Mount Teide at Tenerife.

Blooming at 2,380 meters (7,808 feet) on the largest of the seven Canary Islands, Tenerife. Springtime temperatures are still warm enough for plant life at this altitude. There's about 25% less oxygen up here, but plants take up carbon dioxide anyway. Go up to the summit of Mount Teide at 3,718 meters (12,198 feet), you won't find plant life, it's too cold. Rays from the sun are stronger at higher altitudes (due to less atmospheric protection), so even though temperatures are in the 10s C (50s and 60s in F), it feels warm. Happy exploration!

Inspire to imagine, explore, and capture the moment.

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