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4K Drone Coverage | 2nd Year Compilation

Saturday July 6, 2019: Season 2 Episode 11

Season Two of Droning

As season 2 comes to an end, a recap of the second year of drone coverage. The journey begins in France with multiple sightings to concluding at the rocky shores of Jamestown, RI. The following footage included: [FRA] Southern Bordeaux, La Loire, Bassin d'Arcachon, Canal de Garonne, [VT] Sand Bar State Park, [MA] Nantasket Beach, Merrimack River by Lowell, Marblehead Neck, Misery Islands & House Island off the north shore coast, and [RI] Beavertail & Fort Wetherill State Park of Jamestown. This season also witnessed the first 360-degree drone video which was taken of the Misery Islands. More 360 drone footage to come. Happy travels and see you for season 3!

Drone: DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Video Maker: Pinnacle Studio 22

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Inspire to image, explore, and capture the moment.

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